Ophthalmological Conditions Likely to Cause Vision Loss if You Fail to Seek Professional Help


Your eyes play a significant role in your life. One thing that is likely to frustrate you is accepting blindness when you can improve your sight. While some diseases like macular degeneration are incurable, your doctor will help lower the effects and help retain your eyes for a long while. IC Laser Eye Care is an exceptional and dynamic practice that thrives in ophthalmology services led by Dr. Iftikhar Chaudhry in Hamilton. Some of the conditions these ophthalmologists can treat include:


According to expert ophthalmologists, glaucoma is the primary leading cause of blindness in individuals older than 60years. However, it is not a preserve for the elderly. You are likely to develop eye an condition at any age. You will develop this disease that affects one or both of your eyes’ optic nerves when fluid builds up and clogs your eye’s frontal part, increasing the pressure in your eyes. As a result, the excess fluid damages your optic nerve. The good news is, your ophthalmologist can detect the disease’s early stages and commence treatment before you lose your vision.

Though you are likely to develop symptoms like cloudy eyes and blurred visions with glaucoma, some of the condition’s common types do not have any signs and your doctor will only note the illness when you go for an eye exam. During treatment, the specialist will aim at reducing your eye pressure. Your treatment options include laser treatments, surgical procedures, or topical medications.

Dry eyes

Your eyes need tears for health and comfort. An expert ophthalmologist will say you have dry eyes when he notices that your tears cannot efficiently and effectively lubricate your eyes. You are likely to have inadequate tear lubrication because of several reasons including the production of poor-quality tears. As a result, you will experience damage or inflammation on your eye’s surface.

Dry eyes are very common and uncomfortable, and you will likely feel a burn or a sting. Dry eyes result from various reasons likely to affect your tear film. Unfortunately, your situation could be made worse by heat or air conditioning. Your doctor could recommend various treatment options to treat dry eyes including prescription ointments, artificial tears, and blocking your tear ducts to retain your tears.

Macular degeneration

Being a preserve for the elderly, the condition occurs when your macula (central area of your retina) deteriorates, resulting in central vision loss. There are two types of the disease, dry and wet. While dry macular degeneration results from tiny yellow deposits developing under your macula, wet happens when you have abnormal blood vessels developing under your macula and retina.

Macular degeneration has no cure. However, your ophthalmologist may recommend options like photodynamic therapy or anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEFG) medications to slow down wet macular degeneration and might recommend surgery or advise you to contact a low vision-rehabilitation expert for assistance.

Eye diseases might not showcase adverse effects on the outside but could result in vision loss if you fail to contact the eye experts for help. Do not wait for blindness when you can slow it down. Schedule an appointment or contact the experts and discuss your condition with an expert today.

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