New Technology for Skin Care Treatments

New Technology for Skin Care Treatments

The skin care market has rapidly changed throughout the decades. There are a variety of new types of skin care available today, four of which are:

  1. DPC technology
  2. Radio Frequency Treatments
  3. Infrared Therapy
  4. Laser

These types of skin care improvements involve non-invasive techniques that have been time tested for effectiveness. They can be used alone or in combination, according to the needs of the patient.

DPC Technology (more focused intense pulsed light):

This provides three pulse configurations, including smooth pulse, short pulse, or long pulse.  These applications are completely non-invasive and use external methods as the process is completed for the patient. This treatment stimulates healing of acne or other skin problems, hair removal, or simple skin rejuvenation. These treatments can be used for all skin types. The pulses can be administered either quickly (which is more aggressive) or with longer pulses (this gives more time to deliver the light beam). Each different application makes it easier for the professional to give safer and more effective treatments to the patient. The results are maximized and can be tailored to each patient.

Radio Frequency Treatments:

Radiofrequency treatments are performed using tiny needles combined with the use of an x-ray machine into areas where pain is being felt, or even where cancers exist, and then radio waves are transmitted to heal injured areas. A professional can gauge the intensity of the patient’s needs in order to receive the best results. RF treatments can be applied to relieve lower back or neck pain, as well as easing joint pain caused by arthritis.

Infrared Therapy:

Infrared therapy is based on applying a wavelength of infrared beams in micro-second applications (measured in nanometers, or nm). This is one of the most sophisticated technologies for treatments for body contouring, firming of the skin, and skin rejuvenation, for a few examples. RF treatment is typically applied in ranges from 850- to 1750nm pulses. With the frequency of the pulses, the professional is able to control temperatures that reach different layers of the skin in varying depths. Infrared therapy does not just hide the symptoms, like medicines, but encourages healing of the cause of the pain.


Laser technology is used in cosmetic treatments (both intrusive and non-intrusive, depending on what it is being used for). Various treatments that laser therapy range from include hair reduction, skin maintenance (from wrinkles or scars from acne), and removal of blemishes (these include moles or age spots). Laser can also be used for tattoo removal and even teeth whitening or vascular lesions, such as skin discolorations like birthmarks.

Your health professional will be able to discuss the treatments that you would benefit from the most. Skin care technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. Take advantage today!

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