More understanding on Asthma


Asthma has become one of the dire health conditions in the current world. Very little information is known concerning this condition; hence people are suffering blindly. There is a need to educate people about this disease and ways of treating it to reduce the death rates associated with it. Dr. Aaron Davis in Gilbert is an expert in handling people who are suffering from Asthma conditions. You should book an appointment for treatment and checkups.

What is Asthma, and what are its symptoms?

Asthma is a chronic condition that generally hinders the passage of air into and out of the bronchi. People suffering from this condition often experience shortness of breath due to the limited air that finds its way through the air paths. People with these conditions have the following signs and symptoms;

  •   Shortness of breath.
  •   Some may experience wheezing a sound, especially when an individual is coughing.
  •   An individual may experience chest tightness.
  •   Some experience a fast heartbeat.
  •   Some may have dry lips.
  •   Fainting is also another symptom though it is not common to all individuals with the condition.

What are the things that trigger an asthma attack?

Certain things trigger the condition. This will depend if a person is suffering from allergic or nonallergic asthma. The following are factors that trigger allergic Asthma;

  •   Pollen, grass, and weeds trigger Asthma, especially when inhaled by a patient.
  •   Food additives also trigger the condition.
  •   Dust, mold, and mites can also trigger the condition.
  •   Pet dander has also proven to be the main factor that triggers Asthma.

The following factors also trigger nonallergic Asthma;

  •   Intensive exercising increases the speed of heartbeats. An increase in heartbeats triggers the condition.
  •   To a great extent, some of the illnesses, such as flu and cold, trigger the condition.
  •   Air pollutants play a big role in triggering this condition. Cigarette smoke is one of them.
  •   Some of the medication prescribed by doctors may also trigger Asthma.

How is the condition treated?

Generally, Asthma has no cure, and an individual will forever live with it. However, the condition is manageable. One of the major ways of managing the condition is by taking medication. The right medication will depend on several factors, such as the person’s age and the symptoms. The medication is taken daily to keep the condition under control. The medication is taken in the form of an inhaler or an injection.

Is the condition genetically inherited?

Asthma tends to run in the family. It is genetically inherited, although not everyone from an asthmatic parent will suffer from the condition. Asthma is caused by different genes inherited from parents and interaction with the environment. Other risk factors include allergies, respiratory infections, and exposure to excess smoke and dust.

Does the condition worsen with age?

An older person’s immune system tends to worsen as an individual continues to age. The immune system becomes too weak to fight off infections that trigger Asthma. An older person is more at risk of an asthma attack compared to those who are young.

To conclude, Asthma is a dangerous condition and requires a proper medical assistant. An individual with such a condition should be making regular visits to the hospital to get an inhaler or an injection to keep him moving and breathing properly.

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