Mobility Products and Services Are On the Rise

Mobility Products

As the population continues to age, older people are relying more and more on mobility products and services. One of these products comes in the form of a riser recliner chair. The riser recliner furnishing is mains powered, and therefore can elevate the user to a standing position regardless of their weight. All they need to do is simply press a button. The same chair can also be used to gently lower the user to a reclining or sitting position. In addition, the chair allows the user to elevate their legs.

Riser Recliners Help Alleviate Swollen Ankles

So, if you currently have difficulty getting up from a sitting position, a riser recliner can assist you in this respect. This type of chair is particularly helpful for people suffering from swollen legs or ankles. Because the chair elevates the legs, it can help reduce the swelling by increasing blood flow.

Not only that, but the chair is also made in various styles, colours, and materials. You can even order a chair made of leather if you so choose. Bespoke chairs are available in waterproof or easy-to-clean materials too.


Disability equipment and vehicles in Cheshire also assist people who have problems with their mobility. For instance, many older people tend to ride scooters in public. These vehicles range from small, portable modes of transport, designed for such activities as shopping, to big four-wheeled vehicles that are fully enclosed for outdoor use.

When choosing this type of transportation mechanism, think about how and where you will be using the scooter, and how far it will be driven. You also need to consider whether it can fit into a car, as well as where you will be storing and charging it.


Disability aids are available in a self-propelled variety, or you can opt for traditional transit wheelchairs as well. Whilst self-propelled wheelchairs are operated by the user, transit wheelchairs are propelled by another person. Transit wheelchairs are generally smaller, and they can more easily fit inside the boot of a car.

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