Know All About Root Canals in Old Bridge

A root canal is the most common procedure used by dentists to treat the infected tooth and prevent the infection instead of entirely removing the teeth. The treatment basically involves the removal of pulp or soft center of the tooth when it becomes infected or injured. Knowing all about the root canal procedure is important as it will make you aware of the procedure or any risk associated with it. Here in this guide, we will discuss all the root canals in Old Bridge.

What is the Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a procedure that is done to repair or treat a tooth that has become extremely damaged or infected. The procedure is usually done when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or injured. The pulp usually contains blood vessels and nerves, and the procedure involves the removal of pulp from the tooth and replacing it with implants.

When pulp is injured, germs begin to proliferate inside the pulp tissue, causing it to collapse down which can further lead to infectious teeth. If it is not removed at the right time, then it can cause swelling over the face and neck. Further, it can also lead to bone loss.

Signs and Symptoms that You Need Root Canal Treatment

There are various signs and symptoms; some of them are listed below:

  • If you feel severe pain while chewing or doing any other activities.
  • Further, if you feel that your teeth are too sensitive while drinking cold and hot things.
  • Discoloration is another common sign of decayed teeth.
  • If you observe ulcers or pimples on nearby gums.
  • Lastly, if there is pain or swelling in nearby gums.

However, in rare cases no symptoms are visible.

Preparation for Root Canal Procedure

An endodontist can conduct root canal therapy in one or maybe more doctor’s visits. A dentist who specializes in the etiology, evaluation, and treatment of disorders and damages of the dental pulp is known as an endodontist. However, the treatment can also be done by a general dentist. The severity of the root canal surgery required in your individual tooth, as well as the level of comfort, play a role in deciding which sort of dentist to hire. The best doctor will let you know about who would be best suited to do the work in your circumstance.

There are many specialists available in Old Bridge who can carry out the root canal procedure without any difficulty.

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