Killer Cancer Can Be Destroyed with the Aid of ArtemisininIn the Cells

Killer Cancer

Cancer is a silent killer and it has been in the society for a long time now. You will feel that this disease is mercyless but you may feel good when you come to know about an extract from herbs that can kill cancer cells. Yes the name of such plant extract is Artemisinin and it is extracted from sweet wormwood herb. This extract was initially used to aid patient with malaria but the current studies show that it can be used to treat cancer cells. The herb is also named ArtemisiaAnnua and it destroys the cells that have got cancerous growth. It also never works on the healthy cells that have got no cells affected with the deadly disease.

Works with cells

The extract of the plant sweet wormwood was once a treatment for malaria but now Dr.Henry Lai has found its beneficial side with the cancerous cells. These cells opt for more iron from the blood and Artemisinin gets attracted to the iron of these cells. The extract works towards these affected cells for they are high in iron and then this compound reacts with the cells. The cells start growing free radicals that can cure cancer. The bioengineering scientists showed in laboratory that these extracts get into the cells and kills the cancer growing in them- though many times this has been called a hoax.

Components and benefits

The Artemisia Annua has its own phytochemical base and these are compounds like sesquitepenoids, flavonoids, triterpenoids and chromenes. There are essential oils into the compound that is extracted from the herb and is a part of the Annua. These components that are a part of the complete extract depend on the solvents that are used for extraction of the herb. There are Aqeous solvents or alcoholic solvents that are used for extraction. The dose for this extract is different for malaria patients and for people who are suffering from cancerous growths.

Cells affected with cancer

The dry herb is often used for treatment of fever and even malaria. The polymethoxyflanoids are important for treating cells with cancer. The high affinity of the cancerous cells for iron characterizes these zones. The cells also lack compounds like enzyme catalase that breaks down the harmful hydrogen peroxide. This low catalayse in cells allow the cell to store more hydrogen peroxide that leads to increase in free radicals within the cells. These radicals help the cells to get damaged and can be stopped by administration chemotherapeutic agents like Annua.

Dose and forms

There are different forms of the plant extract available in the market and the water soluble one is named artesunate. This is least toxic for the body and has got highest form of power to become active within the cells. The lipid soluble form is named Artemether and is toxic when administered in very high dose. Artemisinin is the base compound from the herb and the safest when introduced in the human body. You may like to know the side effects but it has got least of side effects. There are people who feel it has been called a hoax for patients but physicians have proved it effective. Make sure that pregnant women never take this compound in any form. The best therapeutic dose is 200mg for a day.

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