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Electronic Cigarettes

There are many reasons people choose to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. From the hundreds of e-liquid flavours to the unlimited customisation options of the electronic devices, millions made the switch last year. As you began this year, maybe you promised you would become one of those millions and buy your first electronic cigarette in order to finally kick your habit. Rather than sit around and bite your nails over the choice, consider for a moment the benefits associated with electronic cigarettes. On every box of traditional cigarettes you purchased, you likely saw a terrifying warning label declaring them unsafe and unhealthy. Today is the day to take the first step away from traditional tobacco products in order to regain the life you had before your habit began.

No More Ash

Not only are traditional cigarettes frustrating and tasteless, but they make a huge mess every time you smoke. When you take a hit ash and smoke gathers, and ashtrays are not always close at hand. With increased awareness of the health issues associated with tobacco products, many buildings have done away with their smoking zones and removed their outdoor ashtrays altogether. Rather than continue to risk your shoes and clothing to unsightly stains of from ash, consider the electronic alternative. Electronic cigarettes work through a heating element. The solution, or e-liquid, used within the device is heated to a boiling point and turned into vapour. Since this is no more than boiled liquid and not something burned, no ash is produced through the process. Finally, you found a reason to get rid of that smelly, ash-filled tray on your kitchen table.

Fewer Chemicals

Companies have fought hard to create better and more effective electronic cigarettes with each new year of their popularity. X2 Cigs – electronic cigarettes are one such company, and they take your health extremely seriously. Of the thousands of harsh chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, 70 were found to be carcinogenic, or cancer-causing. When you make the switch to electronic cigarettes, you say goodbye to every single one of these harmful chemicals in lieu of just a handful of chemicals proven to be safe on your lungs. Not only can you continue to enjoy that nicotine buzz you craved from your old cigarettes, but you can now do so without any of the health worries attached.

Save Money

One of the biggest reasons smokers made the switch last year was the enormous savings they found in electronic cigarettes. Not only do their devices last for years rather than a couple days, but e-liquid takes more time to consume as well. Although it may not appear cheaper at first as you get your starter pack set up, you will, in fact, save hundreds of AUD every single year with the switch. Consider for a moment how many cigarettes each e-liquid cartridge contains. In just one small bottle, you hold the same amount of nicotine found in twenty traditional cigarettes. That’s an entire pack for a greatly reduced price. For the price of two packs of cigarettes, you can get five cartridges of e-liquid, and prices are even lower when you choose to buy in bulk. No matter how you look at it, you stand to save money


As electronic cigarettes gained popularity over the last few years, more and more breakthroughs in the technology were found. Now they no longer simply look like traditional cigarettes with the same boring flavours attached. There are hundreds of choices to choose from, but it is important to ignore those with an extreme amount of flash involved with their design. The most important part of any electronic cigarette is the life of their charge and the amount of vapour produced with each hit. Today, there are as many types of electronic cigarettes as there are types of cigarettes, but in this case, all of your choices are healthier, cheaper, and longer lasting.


You can mix and match thousands of flavours of e-liquids. In fact, you never have to settle for menthol again if you choose not to. You can still enjoy that lovely buzz of nicotine behind such delicious flavours like cherry, mocha, and piña colada. No matter what your tastes, there is a flavour perfectly designed to tantalise your taste buds as you enjoy your usual buzz. There are so many flavours available, you could choose a different flavour every time you buy a new cartridge for a year and still find something new to try.

Use Them Wherever

Since electronic cigarettes are designed to work through vaping and not combustion, they do not fall within smoking bans. To make a complicated explanation simple, you can use these amazing devices anywhere you choose. Not only is the vapour safe to inhale, but it often has a pleasant scent and dissipates within seconds of release. No longer do you have to stand outside in the cold rain or blistering summer heat just to get the buzz you crave. Take your electronic cigarette into your university classroom, your favourite restaurant, or as you stroll along the beach. Electronic cigarettes produce no ash or flame, and they do not create asthmatic responses for those with lung troubles if any vapour is inhaled. For all of these reasons and more, you can bring your electronic cigarette anywhere you want to.

The Switch is Easy

Electronic cigarettes were designed to replicate the sensation of smoking, and they do their job very well. Like with any new product, traditional methods too often miss the mark with tobacco products. Your electronic cigarettes perfectly replicate the sensation of taking a hit and releasing smoke, all with the same relaxation you feel from the nicotine. Some electronic cigarettes are even equipped with a lighted tip on the end in order to replicate the appearance of burning tobacco. Most smokers who took the step found they did not need traditional cigarettes within just a couple weeks of the switch.

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