Importance of Maintaining Your Reproductive Health

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If you want to maintain a healthy reproductive lifestyle, you will need the help of a professional gynecologist. Dr. David Foulk provides comprehensive services for your reproductive health needs. He and his team will effectively address and concerns you have about your reproductive health.

Is an annual visit to a gynecologist advisable?

Reproductive health care is a continuous process that helps you reach various reproductive goals. Young women have a reason to check on their reproductive health to prevent complications and worries when they want to start a family. The providers at Marion OB/GYN Inc. walk with you during your journey to help prevent complications and achieve any goals.

Pelvic examinations are part of the wide range of services offered by Marion OB/GYN Inc. The center combines various medical tools and processes to detect and treat any problematic reproductive health issue. However, if you are below the age of 21, your doctor will skip the pelvic check and focus only on other pressing reproductive health issues.

A small number of teenage girls present a wide range of reproductive health issues. Some of them have menstrual issues, pelvic pain, and vaginal discharges that influence their overall wellbeing. Dr. Foulk deals with these issues by providing internal examinations that extensively identify and treat the concern.

Women in general deserve a close relationship with a doctor, an aspect that Dr. Foulk has a deep belief in. Such a relationship helps build important environments for reproductive health education that addresses any arising concern that faces you. Consequently, with a close relationship with Marion OB/GYN Inc., your doctor will have the power to address matters such as immunizations, prevention of STIs, and managing your weight.

Well-women examinations are also imperative for you whenever the need to improve your reproductive health crosses your mind from time to time.

As a woman, you should see your doctor often, especially when you have any recurring reproductive health issues.

What do you expect during a gynecological examination?

You will require two parts of the gynecological examination. The first step that you will need to accomplish is a one-on-one with your doctor. Expect your doctor to:

  • Ask about any new reproductive health issues you may have
  • Take your weight
  • Read and record your blood pressure
  • Discuss your family and personal medical issues

The second part of the examination mainly focuses on tests and analysis. Your doctor will carry out the following:

  • Conduct a pelvic test
  • Carry out PAP tests
  • Carry out other reproductive health tests
  • View the inside of your reproductive health system via the vagina

What other things can you expect from a gynecologist?

Reproductive health care is a continuous process. Annual exams will help in receiving preventive care.

Reach your health goals with a preventive care procedure from Marion OB/GYN Inc., in Marion, OH. Reach your doctor via a call or make an appointment online.

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