Importance of Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Group therapy has been a crucial part of addiction treatment in Malibu from the beginning. Group therapy in Malibu is part of every rehabilitation program. It is vital for many facets of addiction treatment.

Many people are very reluctant to participate in group therapy especially those with essentially zero relationships. Group therapy is not only challenging but if done improperly can make the situation worse.

Individual therapy is also vital for all addicts who participate in a rehabilitation program but group therapy offers some advantages that individual therapy cannot. This includes:

Developing Connections

Many addicted people who visit a rehab facility have burned every bridge they have ever had. It can make going through rehabilitation particularly challenging if you have no support structure.

With group therapy, a patient is able to develop new connections with other people. The best part is that they are in the same boat as you so you do not have to worry about judgment and condemnation as you would with other groups of people.

A human connection during such a difficult time could be the difference between the success and failure of a rehabilitation program. Knowing that you are not alone offers quite the reprieve.

A Different Perspective

A feeling that most addicts have is that they are the only ones going through this situation. It makes the situation feel even drier than previously.

Participating in group therapy offers a different perspective. It particularly shows you that there are people going through the same issues as you and maybe even worse.

Hearing other people talk about their situation offers a different perspective which, if seen in a positive light, can affirm your decision to stop drug and substance abuse. Changing the view about your predicament will definitely shed more light on the importance of rehabilitation and group therapy in particular.


As stated earlier, there are some people in rehabilitation facilities that have no one to support them. It makes falling back into bad habits a lot easier during or after the rehabilitation program.

Group therapy offers you a chance to develop a support structure right in the rehabilitation facility. Having someone or several people to cheer you on can make a tremendous difference in rehab.

As with Alcoholics Anonymous, having a sponsor who holds you accountable greatly increases the chances of successfully quitting a drug and substance addiction. Seeing someone who has successfully done it for much longer than you and who can be a role model can strengthen your conviction.

New Behavior

One of the biggest problems with treating addiction is how to change an addict’s behavior. It is particularly difficult for the patient who has to alter their behavior.

Group therapy offers a chance for you to try out new behaviors within a safe and controlled group setting. With an experienced and competent moderator, there is less chance that your behavior will be detrimental.

You can test new ways of relating to others especially if developing social connections has been a problem and a reason for the addiction. By the time you leave the rehabilitation facility, you will have proven methods to help live in the real world.

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