How to Wear Contacts and Improve your Look& Style

contact lens

Nowadays, there’s a major shift from glasses to contact lens. This is because many people seeking eye correction services never want to sacrifice their sense of style. Besides, we all wish to express our uniqueness, and glasses don’t always work best. Why contact lens? They come with numerous benefits and allow you to enjoy improved vision and style. They are also flexible choices for anyone who cares about their looks.

What are the distinct types of contact lens?

We have experienced significant changes in the health sector, thanks to technology. Nowadays, you can choose between the different types of contacts, and implantable contact lens are the newest addition to the eye correction industry. These are different from conventional laser eye surgery in that they are inserted into the eye by a professional surgeon. However, they don’t involve any permanent alteration to the eyes, unlike the laser surgical technique.

 There are many other types of contacts that you can choose, these include;

  • Rigid Gas-Permeable (RGP) lens
  • Extended-wear
  • Planned replacement

How can I wear my contacts to accentuate my looks?

1. Some make-up works!

 Make-up highlights your best facial features making you look more attractive. Although you can wear make-up with glasses, they aren’t the best choice for anyone who loves eye make-up. They can smudge your mascara and ruin your looks. 

This isn’t the case with contact lenses, though! With contacts, your choices are limitless when it comes to eye make-up. You can choose different types of artistry to express your feelings and showcase your beauty. But remember to always put your contacts before applying your make-up.

2. Add some color!

 Contact lens allows you to change your style and enhance your looks, And this is because there are different colored contacts that you can choose. If you love experimenting with color, you can always get something for your needs. You can choose from the subtle or bold color variations available. Go for a color that blends in well with your make-up and outfit, and be sure to have faces turning to look at you.

3. Add a pair of sunglasses.

 Sunglasses form a critical aspect of your wardrobe. They accentuate your outfit, making you stand out. That’s not all; they will guard your eyes against harmful UV rays, thus improving your eye health. With contact lenses, you don’t have to change them when your prescription changes. Choose a pair that fascinates you and rock any outfit to bring out the best look possible.

4. Dress for the occasion

 Your choice of dress can make or ruin our looks. You may not achieve the best results when you combine the best contacts with the wrong outfit. You can wear virtually anything with contacts, but balance is key. Choose outfits and jewelry that matches your contact lens, and enjoy a more beautiful and striking look.

The bottom line

 Contact lenses offer numerous gains. They feature no frames and won’t distract your view or ruin your looks. However, they require a thorough initial examination, and you should consult your doctor for the most suitable eye-correction procedure. For implantable contacts, understand the pre-qualifying requirements and have them fitted by a professional.

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