How to Use Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes

By now, nearly everyone knows that smoking traditional cigarettes is bad for your health, but some people choose to ignore the information or they cannot seem to break their habit. To help with smoking cessation, many people have turned to electronic cigarettes. They do not contain the toxins of tobacco cigarettes and they can help you break the habit by lowering the amount of nicotine you intake.

Step Down Method

Experts agree that the main addictive ingredient in tobacco cigarettes is nicotine. Many smoking cessation methods, including patches and gum, use nicotine products to help people break their craving by gradually reducing the amount of nicotine they consume until they break the habit completely. With electronic cigarettes, smokers can buy e-liquids with varying amounts of nicotine and gradually reduce the amount they smoke until they are no longer using nicotine at all.

Many brands of e-liquids have four to five different levels of nicotine available in their e-juice. Some e-liquids start out as high as 26 mg of nicotine, which would be equal to the level of nicotine in an extra strength tobacco cigarette. If you start out with that amount of nicotine, you can smoke it for a few weeks, then step down to the next level, which would be about 18 mg or the same as a regular cigarette.

Eventually, you could step down further until you are using e-liquids that don’t have any nicotine in them at all. Then, you can either stop smoking altogether or you can continue to vape using 0 mg nicotine UK e-liquid from a UK company. People who enjoy smoking can do so without the same health risks that they would have by continuing to smoke tobacco cigarettes.

Various E-liquid Flavours

For people who decide to continue vaping after they have tapered down to 0 mg of nicotine, they can experiment with various e-liquid flavours. If you like tobacco flavours, you can select regular tobacco or menthol tobacco flavoured e-liquids. However, if you want something different, you can choose e-liquids flavoured like candy, chocolate, spirits, fruit or dessert flavours.

Since e-liquids are made from ingredients often found in commercial food products, they are considered safe and, despite continued warnings from various health organisations, vaping has not been linked to any major health concerns. Many public places allow vaping because the vapour produced from e-liquids does not contain any of the carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. This means that the e-cigarette second-hand smoke, or in this case simple water vapour, does not have the potential to harm others like second-hand smoke from traditional cigarettes does.

In addition to being safer, learning how to refill e-cigarette cartridges with e-liquid can also save you a significant amount of money. Depending on how much you vape on a daily basis, a single bottle of e-liquid is about the same as smoking 400 to 1,600 tobacco cigarettes. Most brands of e-liquid come in bottles that contain 20 to 80 ml of e-juice in them.

If you want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, vaping can allow you to do so by reducing the amount of nicotine you smoke. Within a few weeks, you can reduce your nicotine intake to zero, and potentially stop smoking forever.

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