How to maintain the body after a Body Contouring procedure

maintain the body

With medical science having evolved, many revolutionary new systems have come up that enable people to get quick results in cosmetic procedures. Right from getting rid of the ugly facial marks to cutting down on the waist size, modern day cosmetic procedures help in managing all kinds of issues that mar the appearance of an individual.

Body contouring procedures are the most popular forms of cosmetic techniques applied to give a renewed look to the body. With body contouring procedures, stubborn fat around the waist, belly, arms, thighs and buttocks are got rid of. Techniques like TriSculpt and Venus Venus Freeze/ Legacy are used at the speciality clinic Sono Bello to breakdown the unwanted fat cells that give different areas of the body an ugly shape. These procedures are done by highly trained professionals using the most innovative tools and technology. However, in order to maintain the contoured figure after undergoing the procedure, a lot of caution needs to be exercised so as to prevent a rebounding effect. Though with these high end procedures, the unwanted fat cells are removed, those from the neighbouring areas come and fill in which can again house in the unwanted fat.

Here are a few procedures that can help in proper maintenance of the contoured body after the procedure is carried out:

Increase the Intake of Water: Water is the most essential element of a diet. Increasing the intake of water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Increase in intake of water also improves digestion which further helps in weight management.

Decrease the amount of food intake: Portion sizes are very important in determining the amount of calorie intake. It is very important to calculate and limit the portion sizes in a manner that it excess food does not add to the unwanted calories.

Limit the intake of carbohydrates: Intake of excessive carbohydrates propels the body to store more fat and gain weight. As such, experts suggest that after having undergone a cosmetic surgery, people should cut down on sugary drinks, processed food as well as breads as they are a rich source of carbohydrates.

Include Exercises in Daily Routine: In order to maintain that sculpted figure that experts at Sono Bello can give an individual, it is imperative to include exercises in the daily routine. Regular exercise not only keeps people fit but also ensures that he harmful toxins are regularly eliminated from the body.

The cosmetic surgeons at Sono Bello have years of experience in performing all kinds of cosmetic surgeries and have successfully performed over 65,000 procedures. However, while they are very confident about the lasting effects of the procedures performed, they always give proper care instructions to the patients. The experts at the clinic regularly follow up with their patients and also ensure that they are following a healthy diet plan that can help in the upkeep and maintenance of a well contoured body.

Therefore, it can be summarized stating that a good cosmetic procedure when coupled with regular care can have long lasting effects.

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