How To Improve Your Health For Good

How To Improve Your Health For Good

Staying fit and well can be tough when living a fast paced life consuming fast food meals all the time. Eating a nutritional diet and exercise can often take the back seat especially when there is a shortage of time and motivation to be healthy. Being overworked and tired all the time will also make it more difficult to exercise. You can still go back to being fit even if you do it bit by bit.

To start living well you can begin making minor changes and try to eat healthier. Click here to see what the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate recommends. You can start establishing an exercise routine every morning before going to work. Doing the right kind of workout can even help you lose weight by speeding up the metabolism and burning fat even while you sleep. Try to sleep early each evening so that you become well rested for the next day at the office.

When you wake up in the morning try doing 20 minutes of walking or running in the nearest park. Drink a glass of water or pure orange juice and then eat a healthy breakfast of whole grain bread, fruit, cereal, or have a little cheese on toasted bread. Try to balance your diet and refer to the pyramid food guide. Have some non-fattening fruit yogurt for dessert instead of ice cream, cakes, or chocolates.

Avoid being a couch potato when you get home from work. During weekends or after office hours, do some jogging or biking. You can also do some push-ups and sit-ups at home if the weather is not cooperative outdoors. Try to do about 20 minutes of aerobic activity each day and get that heart pumping to induce weight loss and a faster metabolism.

Once the metabolism is triggered, you can even lose weight while at rest. Always perform warm-up exercises before performing any exercises to prevent muscle injury. Increase your exercise resistance as you get used to the workouts by adding more weights, resistance, and time to the exercise routines. It is important to sweat and get the heart pumping when you work out in order to induce the metabolism to work faster.

It is also important to take small snacks between meals. This prevents binging during meal time and eating too much unhealthy food. Eat small portions of meals and snacks 4 to 5 times a day. This also induces your metabolism to work better. Starving yourself to lose weight and become healthier will only make the metabolism stop working for the body to conserve energy. This does not promote a healthier body.

Choose snacks wisely and stick to non-fattening foods such as fruits, wholewheat crackers, oatmeal, raisins, peanut butter on toast, and celery or carrot sticks instead of chocolate or biscuits. Eat only whole grain or whole wheat breads and pasta. Bagels and pita bread are also good choices. Add some antioxidants to your diet such as blueberries, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Eating out can also lead to unhealthy nutrition. If you do have to dine at a restaurant, try to split the order with someone else. This lets you eat less than you usually would. If you are eating alone, tell the waiter to serve half the order and to place the rest in a doggy bag. Aside from eating well, you also have to drink a lot of water. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of pure mineral water each day.

Find out what triggers you to overeat. Some people tend to eat more junk food when they are stressed out or have problems. Try to divert your attention from food when your triggers present themselves. Instead of overindulging in chocolates or sweets when stressed out, think of jogging or biking instead. Sports and other physical activities promote relaxation of the mind and body. They are great alternatives to eating when you want to release tension.

Stock up on healthy food in your cupboards and refrigerator so that you have something healthy to reach for whenever you get hungry. As you decide to be healthy, get rid of all the junk food, sweets, and fattening food in your kitchen. Replace them with healthier options that are also non-fattening. Take note that some things like salad dressing and beverages can also be fattening. Check the labels of your grocery items before purchasing them.

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