How to cure anal fissures naturally

An anal fissure is generally a tear or sore skin around the anus which creates burning sensation during a bowel movement. It is a common problem and can be cured easily with home remedies although there are medicines available that are not recommended. It is a skin ailment, and if the home remedies are implemented on a regular basis, then it can be cured very easily. Fissures occur if a person suffers from consistent constipation, tight anal muscles or diarrhea. There are internal as well as external fissures one can have. The medical science has no dearth of ointments and creams as well as medicines that can help one counter this painful disease. There are also home remedies available that one can go for. These remedies are easy to use and also effective to treat the disease. Those who hesitate to see a doctor and get the treatment for the disease, these home remedies can be much helpful. They are easily available at home, and hence one need not spend any amount behind availing them.

Some of the remedies to cure anal fissures are mentioned below.

Consume fiber

If one regularly consumed food rich in fiber, then he/she can have regular and easy bowel movements. When the bowel movements become easy soft stool is passed, and not much pressure has to be applied. One can add spinach, legumes, oatmeal, buckwheat, etc. to their diet for making it fiber rich. It should be noted that while increasing the fiber intake one has to also increase water intake otherwise it may create an adverse effect.


Milk is the most preferred remedy for anal fissures. Milk contains all the natural components which are necessary for the body to work properly. One has to add milk to their diet. Again consuming milk eases the bowel movement and hence stool passes easily. One needs to drink a glass of hot milk before bedtime regularly to cure anal fissures.


Pineapple is a fiber-rich food and hence can be consumed to cure anal fissures. It is delicious and acts quickly for curing fissures. Pineapple keeps one’s digestive tract healthy, and stool passes easily. One is required to eat a pineapple or drink pineapple juice few times a day to cure anal fissures.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is praised by medical science as it has the ability to cure many ailments very efficiently. Coconut oil contains triglycerides in abundance which can be easily absorbed by the anal skin. Hence it can lubricate the anal skin as well as catalyst the healing of fissures. One can add coconut oil while making food or one can directly apply coconut oil to the infected area 2-3 times a day until the fissure is cured.


Flaxseeds are fiber enriched and contain omega 3s compound which can reduce constipation risk in a person’s body. Flaxseeds also have a laxative property which in turn eases the bowel movement. One can crush 1 tablespoon flaxseed and can add the powder to water. This solution has to be consumed once a day before going to bed.

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