How to Buy Shakeology in the USA

Shakeology in the USA

We know shakes are rich nutrients of a mix of natural products such fruits, fibers and proteins that can effectively take the place of our meals for the day. Shakeology is a shake also but a lot richer in value than any other shake that is known at least for now. This has given it the household name as a separate one among the rest and the best among the best in value too. It won’t be that strange hearing of this wonderful product in the US for its popularity.

Now, the question has always been how to buy shakeology in the US for those in the states. Can it be found at the grocery stores, in malls and other retail outlets that are all around the place?

Shakes are not in stores!

Surprised at that? Yes, even with the fact that the product resides right in the US and Canada, you can’t find it in the shops and any other place other than from Beachbody who are authorized to distribute the product.

Who is Beachbody

Well, not a person actually. Beachbody is a health and fitness company in the US. They deal in both health products such as shakes and equally run fitness programs and training for individuals. They are the distributor of the special shake, shake ology in the US.

How to order for your shakeology in the USA

Getting your shakeology can be through a piecemeal for a day supply which costs about $4 per piecemeal. The full retail pack of shakeology costs $129.95 each aside tax and shipment costs.

There are two modes by which you can order for your pack in the US. These are two shipment types, namely the monthly auto-shipping method and the non-auto shipping mode of purchase.

By auto-shipping, the product gets delivered to your home every month automatically. This kind of subscription comes with its own benefits. You get the shipment free and with some additional incentives. You are given a shakeology brand of a cup and a workout program on DVD.

For the monthly non-shipment, it is just like buying at a retail store where you order at your own convenience per the month you feel the need for it. You don’t enjoy the discount of auto-shipment like above. In fact, you don’t have to order every month. Just do it when you are capable of doing so.

You can get your order for your shakeology through the shakeology website at The procedure is just like every other online purchase you’ve been used to.

The benefits you will derive from shakeology and why should try it out if you haven’t

  • Shakeology helps to fight cholesterol and keep you fit
  • Shakeology is with provisions of fibers that can help you with digestion
  • With shakeology, you can lose that weight faster than you’ll think
  • Shakeolohy with antioxidants composition can help with body detoxication
  • You improve your immune system with shakeology
  • Shakeology is a meal alternative if you are that busy.

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