How Shakeology works

Shakeology works

Beachbody recommends Shakeology that is the ideal meal replacement offering healthy ingredients and promising great benefits to the overall health of your body. If you visit the official visit you will find many claims for Shakeology and why it is the perfect meal plan for you on the routine basis.

Benefits of Shakeology

  • Easy preparation and easy digestion than the conventional foods or snacks.
  • Provides detox effect on the body for better absorption of the nutrients.
  • Perfect means to reduce weight efficiently.
  • Improves digestion
  • Maintains the cholesterol level
  • Enhances clarity and balance of mind.

Shakeology is prepared by the following different ingredients that result in the required nutritional value for the body.

  1. Isolated Whey Protein: This is ideal for maintaining muscle mass and in building the muscle. The blood sugar level remains constant due to this ingredient as well. There are some nutrients in whey protein that increase cognitive focus by improving the brain function to promote clarity of mind.
  2. Phyto-nutrients: Shakeology contains various phytonutrients like polyphenols, catechins, anthocyanins and flavonoids. They possess antioxidant properties that improve the immune system and prevent the onset of degenerative conditions as well.
  3. Prebiotics: The prebiotics are friendly bacteria that help the digestive track in the body. They even help to absorb come minerals like calcium.
  4. Digestive Enzymes: They are most common in papaya and pineapple and help in the improving the absorption of the nutrients by breaking down the food components.

Preparation and Taste

It is simple to prepare Shakeology. You just have to take one scoop of Shakeology and one cup of milk or water. Then, you need to add two scoops of ice to get the right texture. Simply blend each of them together.

The aroma that you get of Shakeology is that of cocoa and it is quite awesome indeed.

How Shakeology is made?

If Vanilla is your favorite flavor, then you can try the Vanilla flavor of Shakeology with a simple recipe. The best recipe in this regard is the Cinnamon Apple Cider Smoothie.


  • Half a cup water.
  • Half a cup all-natural apple cider.
  • One scoop of vanilla Shakeology.
  • One tablespoon of ground cinnamon.
  • Half a cup of ice.


Add together all the ingredients one by one. First, add water, then apple cider vinegar, Shakeology, cinnamon. In the end, add ice. Blend the ingredients until the mixture becomes smooth. Your tasty smoothie is ready.

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