Home Remedies for Pain Control

Many people suffer from chronic pain for at least a portion of their lives. Garden State Pain Control is a center where you can get tremendous help with pain control.

There is much you can do to deal with pain at home, too. The following are some natural pain control methods:


R.I.C.E is an acronym that stands for rest, ice, compress, and elevate. These four actions can greatly help reduce pain in a significant body part.

The ice is able to relieve pain by cooling and numbing the area so the effects of the pain are diminished. However, you should not apply ice directly but use a cloth or ice pack.

Compressing will increase blood flow to the area. Increased blood flow delivers more antibodies which helps relieve pain.

Resting and elevating the body part ensures that you don’t put any pressure on it. That will help with any swelling that may result from using it.

Doing them together is a great home remedy for pain.  

Physical Activity

When a body part is in pain, especially a joint, it may be that it is the result of tightness due to lack of movement. When you get moving, you can gradually reduce the pain in the area.

Getting active also increases the amount of blood flow to the area. However, you should start with mild and low impact activity to avoid exacerbating the injury.

Physical activities such as yoga and light stretching can be very helpful in this regard. If the pain persists, you should stop and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.


Applying heat to the area experiencing pain is also a great pain control home remedy. The same goes for muscles as well as joints.

Making the muscles and joints warm increases blood flow which relieves pain and also distracts the brain from pain. It may also serve to reduce the swelling if present.

Using heat in such a manner is typically referred to as heat therapy. You can use a warm washcloth, gel-filled heating pad, electric heating pad or simply a warm bath.

Sleep More

One of the main causes of pain in the body is poor sleeping habits. Getting adequate sleep is vital for pain control and relief.

Most of the restorative functions of the body are conducted at night when we are asleep and in deep rest. When you do not get enough sleep, then damaged areas remain that way, hence pain continues and eventually becomes chronic.

It is best to practice good sleeping habits if you are to get enough sleep. These include having a regular bed time and switching off your electronic devices long before bed.

Medical Marijuana

A growing home remedy for pain control is marijuana. More and more research into the plant is showing how effective a pain reliever it is.

The good news is that just a small amount will substantially help relieve your pain. However, you will need a doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana.

You should particularly use CBD oils for pain control at home. They contain less THC which is the psychoactive element of marijuana.

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