Here is a Remedy for Your Dimmed Eyesight

Dimmed Eyesight

The lens of your eyes can become cloudy due to some protein build-ups causing blurred or dimmed vision. If you are experiencing this complication, Jenkintown multifocal implant specialists at Suburban Eye Associates can help you. They carry out some diagnostic tests and evaluations to determine if you can benefit from the multifocal implant treatment option, giving you clear vision.

Multifocal Lens Implant

This exciting development in the eye health medical world offers revolutionary permanent lenses to correct severe vision complications such as cataracts and presbyopia, which affects multiple depths of vision. Unlike cataract surgery, where you would still need to use corrective lenses, you now have a chance to eliminate the need to wear additional lenses altogether.

How the Multifocal Lens Work

Multifocal implant treatment involves an invasive procedure to remove the affected natural eye lens, replaced with a clear multifocal lens. Traditionary, monofocal lenses were used to correct either near vision or distance vision but never both. Fortunately, the multifocal lenses can completely correct all distance vision complications in a more safe, natural, and effective way. Besides, you will not need to wear additional lenses or glasses.

The lenses are designed in a particular way to allow you to choose if you want to focus on something close or far. Although it will take a slight learning curve for your brain to get used to the implants, you will eventually adjust your vision like you never lost it in the first place.

Candidates for Multifocal Implant

This treatment procedure is typically for patients with severe presbyopia and cataract. However, your provider must evaluate other factors to ascertain that you will benefit from the procedure. It would be best if you did not have other eye complications such as glaucoma and astigmatism, as they can cause complications, thereby eliminating you from having the corrective surgery. A full health evaluation will be carried out to determine your eligibility.

What is Recovery Like

If you are a good candidate for a multifocal implant, you can return to your daily activities after about 2-3 days. However, the new lenses’ focusing ability will be fully functional after about 6-8 weeks. This is because our eyes and brain must learn how to focus on objects. Before then, you may require to use corrective lenses to perform normal activities but only for a short period.

It is vital to have reasonable expectations, your provider can help you by setting clear expectations to help you through your recovery. You have to understand that everyone is unique, and the healing process can vary from one patient to the other. What you can be assured of is that the results will be great and life-changing.

Benefits of Multifocal Lens Implant

Although the multifocal lens treatment option is more expensive than glasses and corrective lenses, the investment is worthwhile. You will primarily get to enjoy an improved quality of life away from the need for corrective eyewear. If you do not like the aesthetics of glasses, you will get a perk to enjoy an active lifestyle which you would not enjoy with glasses.

If you have endured dimmed eyesight over the years, it is time to get relief and lead a quality life. Contact the team of ophthalmologists and eye surgeons at Suburban Eye Associates to learn how you can benefit from the multifocal implant.

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