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Joint Pain

Joint pain is an issue common among all ages, that is, the old and the young. These pains often tamper with your ability to move some parts of your body, known as the hinges. Gramercy Pain Center provides a wide range of treatments, including therapies for the major cause of joint pain, which is called osteoarthritis. Joint pains may be caused by numerous strains and stresses of the joints that occur daily.

No need to keep struggling with Holmdel joint pain, Gramercy Pain Center has the most effective solution to them. In Holmdel, specialists are well equipped, ready, and very willing when it comes to helping you get rid of joint pains. Professionals at Gramercy assure you of the best, effective, affordable, and guaranteed positive results. These specialists are experienced, compassionate, and readily available for you.

Causes of joint pains.

Joint dislocations, ligament strains, tendon, and muscle strains are the major causes of joint pain. They lead to bruising, swelling, and acute pain. Bursitis and osteoporosis are examples of chronic conditions that bring along joint pain.

Arthritis is the primary cause of joint pain. There are different types of arthritis which are as follows:

  • Gout
  • Psoriatic arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Septic or reactive arthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Osteoarthritis occurs due to years of wear on your joints; this degrades and wears away the protective cartilage at your bone’s ends. Once the bones rub, inflammation occurs, thus leading to swollen, tender, and painful joints.

Treatment of joint pain.

Joint treatment always starts with very conservative approaches. What causes your joint pain is what helps the specialists in determining the appropriate and effective treatment plan. Some other treatments determining factors are:

  • General health
  • How severe it is
  • Age
  • Effects on your mobility

Resting enables your tissues to heal as well as relieving joint stress. Correct exercising of the joints is essential. Therapy schedules allow you to ensure flexibility of your joints, improves stability and strength, and also ensures that the muscles around your joints are well built.

Joint pain can be relieved or managed through the following ways:

  • Use of a splint
  • Medication
  • Use of a cast
  • Wearing compression bandages
  • Use of a brace
  • Losing weight in case you are overweight

Treatments available in case your joint pain persists.

Nerve block injections are used to relieve pain as they are used as a local anesthetic. Steroid injections are injected into the joints in an attempt to ease inflammation.

When there is a need to deliver injectable treatments, the professionals at Gramercy use the guidance of ultrasound to ensure that the source of your joint pain is reached by the medication. These injections are effective in 3-4 months, in which your joint pain is relieved before the need for another injection.

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Joint pains are indeed torture since they are very painful, thus making you have discomfort. No more worries as the team at Gramercy Pain Center offers the most effective, guaranteed, and advanced treatments available.

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