Foods help you stay away from diseases

Foods help you stay away from diseases

They are familiar vegetables, spices, however, they play as immune defenses extremely effective sometimes you accidentally omitted.

Cruciferous Vegetables
Cruciferous vegetables are the “gold” food to boost our immunities. Despite all the vegetables are nutritious and have certain protective effects, cruciferous vegetables then beyond that, thanks to the special chemical composition – sulfur containing compounds generated spicy for them. Under the impact of the bite, cut or bend, a chemical reaction will turn metabolism of sulfur containing compounds into ITCs substances which help prevent and eliminate cancer-causing agents and increases the ability of the immune system.
Cruciferous vegetables also contain antimicrobial agents and antiviral keeping you away from sickness or diseases. For those set forth, supplement to your diet cruciferous vegetables such as cabbages, cauliflowers or broccolis, purple cabbages, red beets, cabbages, kohlrabies…

Garlic is certainly one of the most versatile medicines in the world. Active allicin component in garlic converted into organ sulfurs – the compound that keeps your cells safe from destructive processes, which may cause chronic diseases.
Garlic is a natural antibiotic extremely effective in preventing cancer, fighting infections and anticipating colds. It can also prevent diseases associated with aging, such as atherosclerosis, stroke, cancer, immune disorders, brain aging …


Onions are affluent in quercetin – a powerful antioxidant which can help reduce the risk of cancer, prevent heart disease and reduce hypertension. Like garlic, onions contain allicin compound. Red onions contain anthocyanins – antioxidants that help the berries stimulate healings.

Strength of mushrooms lies on their ability to increase in the operation of natural leukemia T cells – body guards. It is known for its ability to weaken most forms of cancers, and greatly lower the risk of breast cancer of women. It also prevents degradation of DNA, slow the tumors growth.
Tomatoes are also the most abundant sources of foods containing antioxidants lycopene – capable of preventing cancers, particularly prostate cancer. Tomatoes also rich in beta carotene – strengthening your immune systems.

Spinach riches in beta carotene, which is changed into vitamin A through your body and activates the immune system to keep the body healthy. Spinach prevents cancer and heart disease too, while riches in zinc effective in the disease cure.

Greatest ability of asparagus is to promote body filter toxins thanks to its diuretic features. Asparagus both purifies and acts as anti-inflammatory for the body. It is useful for people with inflammation, such as arthritis or irritable bowel syndrome.

It is believed to be the extreme quality dialysis. Radish riches in iron and produces white blood cells resistant to diseases. It also stimulates the red blood cells and improves the oxygen supply to the cells. Radish prevents cancers and heart disease as well, and detoxifying feature makes it very useful for organs in your body. Radish is rich in fiber and nutrients easier to digest.

This plant has proved to be good for your livers. Vitamin group B in artichokes increases the flexibility of the brain and boosts immunity.

Red bell peppers

Red bell peppers are affluent in vitamin C, a strong “builder” for a healthy immune system. Furthermore, it supplies a plenty of beta carotene – converted into vitamin A, which helps the body resist diseases. Although green and yellow peppers also work well, red peppers remain the best.

Sweet potatoes

Of the same kind, however, sweet potatoes have a protective effect on the body much better than potatoes. Yellow color of potatoes is formed by beta carotene that is superior in anti- oxidation, anti-viral, and anti-cancer. It is also rich in fiber and vitamin E somehow so useful for your skin.

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