Feet Redemption at the Precision Footcare Center

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Are you suffering from any foot complications or disorders? It is time for you to stop worrying as Precision Footcare, located in New York, offers foot care expertise to solve your problems. The clinic has earned approval from a joint commission on accreditation for providing quality services to their clients. They have experienced staff willing to offer services that fulfill their client’s goals. The specialists at Precision Footcare are experienced and highly trained in diagnosing and treating any sprains and strains in New York. Apart from strains and sprains, Precision Footcare offers the following services: bunions, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, corns, flat feet, sprained ankle, foot fractures, orthotics, and heel pain.

Ingrown toenail

An ingrown toenail is a condition when toenail edges grow next to the nail, commonly seen on the big toe. People with thick or curved nails suffer the risk of an ingrown nail. An ingrown toenail is caused by a poor lifestyle, poor foot hygiene, and health conditions. Symptoms of these conditions are oozing pus, infections, swollen skin around the nail, and fluid buildup around the nail. Ingrown toenails can be treated at home by soaking the feet for 15 minutes in warm water.

Heel pain

Heel pain is caused by conditions like plantar fasciitis, stress fracture, heel spurs, and Achilles tendonitis. Plantar fasciitis is the swelling of the plantar fascia, a tissue connecting the heels and the toes. The condition is common to people who play sports on the weekends. Heels spurs are bony deposits located on the heels. Stress fractures are cracks on the bone around the feet caused by repetitive force. Treatment for heel pain includes athletic taping, steroid injection, oral medications, and physical therapy.


Bunions are bony bumps located on the joints at the big toe base. The condition happens when the big first toe leans towards the second smaller toe pushing its bone out of place, causing a bump that develops progressively. Bunions have the following symptoms: corns, redness in the area, swelling, ongoing pain, and burning sensation. Bunions can be treated using cushioning and shoe inserts, changing tight shoes to flexible ones, icing, and surgery.


Orthotics are supports worn in the shoes to protect and support the feet when in the healing process. Custom orthotics are recommendable when a patient has arthritis, flat feet, sprained ankle, Morton’s neuroma, bunions, neuropathy, and Achilles tendonitis. For effective foot and ankle healing, a doctor may recommend the regular wearing of the orthotics.

Ankle sprain

An ankle sprain is an injury to the talofibular ligament located on the outer side of the ankle. The seriousness of this sprain ranges from mild to severe. Mild is just overstretching of the ligament, while severe is the tearing of the ligament. Symptoms of ankle strain involve weakness, stiffness, soreness, and bruising of the ankle. Treatment for a sprained ankle is taping with an elastic bandage, elevation at home, splint, and home exercises.

If you are suffering from the above disorders, it would be wise to seek medical attention from Precision Footcare. They offer quality services at a lower cost. Staff at the firm are devoted to giving services that satisfy the needs of their clients. You can book an online appointment to see the doctor. The clinic is located in Midtown East, New York.

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