Eye Procedure Will Sharpen the Way You See the World

Eye Procedure

The eyes are among the most significant organs you can boast of, as with them, you get to see the beauty of the world. Every day, you open your eyes to some marvelous things; however, you put them at risk of some eye complications in doing so. Keratoconus, an eye problem, can greatly impact your view of the world if not resolved soon enough. Fortunately, you can reduce most eye complications when you visit your Atlanta glaucoma experts who have the tools and skills to help improve your eyesight.

Should you worry about keratoconus?

If you care about your eyesight, then the simple answer to this question is yes. Keratoconus is an issue concerned with the cornea and can gradually influence your vision to a point you will need extra help to move around in your car or even read a book. Keratoconus affects your eyesight by altering the movement of light as it tries to access your cornea. This happens as your eyes begin to take a dome shape. Blurred vision comes because of keratoconus; it will affect you even when trying to see the contents of a book nearby or an object far away. Your cornea also helps you maintain healthy eyes and when it takes another shape, you are at risk of blindness and other hazards that affect the eyes.

What signs can help you catch keratoconus early?

Normally your eyes can help you understand most objects close to you in detail. However, when you note a change in the way your eyes perceive objects, it is a clear sign of an eye problem. At such a moment, you can make a point to visit your doctor for an examination. Other symptoms to look out for include sensitivity to light and behavioral changes such as adjusting the light in a room or your screens to make out the details. A point to note is that keratoconus stabilizes in your early twenties and can get more stable prescriptions at this stage. Eye rubbing and history of the issue in your family increases the chances of keratoconus. Statistically, up to 13-14% of cases of the problem come from people with a family history of the problem.

What remedies are there to help you cope with keratoconus?

Atlanta Vision Cataract and Laser Center has a series of tools and the right skills to help identify your problems and offer a long-lasting solution. Your session will begin with an eye examination to check the extent of the curvature that will determine the correct lenses for your problem. The most common intervention tools for keratoconus include:

  • Contact lenses
  • Intacs
  • Corneal collagen crosslinking

These treatments come with approval from the FDA, meaning they are safe and effective. You will also get the thinnest lenses with the highest accuracy to improve your eyesight and comfort.

Eliminate your blurred vision and even say goodbye to uncomfortable lenses by seeking the services of Atlanta Vision Cataract and Laser Center. Begin your journey to a sharper world by calling or booking your appointment online.

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