Enhance the Cellulite Appearance on Your Bum With QWO

Cellulite-smoothing Treatment

Cellulite on your buttocks, whether severe, mild, or moderate, can be unsightly. Not even a healthy diet or regular exercises can shake them off your skin when you have cellulite. Anyone who has ever had the stretchy bands on their behinds will attest to have tried options like topical ointments or scrubs and surgical procedures to minimize the marks’ appearance. The good news, you now have a solution with QWO. Unlike an ointment that addresses the cellulite from your skin surface, the injectable option addresses what causes cellulite beneath your skin. According to Leslie Forrester APRN, the presence of cellulite on your buttocks does not have anything to do with your health or age. Rather, cellulite appears because of how your body structures itself beneath your skin.

Who Is Suitable for the Cellulite-smoothing Treatment?

Though QWO is an ideal option to give your bum a smooth look, not everyone is fit for the cellulite-smoothing solution. Your doctor might not recommend the treatment, especially if you have an allergic reaction to collagenase or QWO ingredients. Additionally, the medical expert will not recommend the process when you have an infection in your treatment area. Additionally, you should talk to your doctor when you have the following issues:

  • If you are pregnant or desire to conceive.
  • When you are breastfeeding; the medical expert might decide your options. However, you may opt. either to go ahead with the treatment or nursing, not both.
  • If you have bleeding issues.

You might also need to inform the medical professional of any medication you might be taking, including supplements. Most importantly, do not forget to mention to your doctor if you are taking any blood thinners or medications to prevent blood clotting.

How Effective Is QWO Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite forces the connective bands under your skin to become extra stiff, causing tension as the fat under the skin pushes against it. When the tension intensifies, the aftermath ripple effect will appear on your skin. Fortunately, QWO is a very effective cosmetic treatment option when you want to smooth out dimpling. The minimally invasive process eliminates the cellulite from its source, targeting the connective bands beneath your skin. The enzymes- collagenases in the treatment have three primary roles:

· Stimulate new collagen production.

· Create room for the fat-causing it to redistribute.

· Disintegrate the connective fibrous bands.

One good thing about the treatment is that QWO is relatively quick, taking approximately 15 minutes. Additionally, you might need around three treatments in intervals of three weeks to achieve your desired results.

QWO is not the only cellulite smoothing option in the market. However, it might be your ideal treatment if you need a less invasive treatment. Treatments like Cellfina are more invasive, prompting your healthcare provider to stick needles on your skin to disintegrate the fibrous bands.

What Side Effects Should You Expect During Treatment?

The side effects you are likely to have with the cellulite smoothing treatment include:

· Bruising mainly on the injection site.

· Allergic reaction or hypersensitivity.

· Warmth and swelling in your treatment areas.

· Itching.

· Pain.

Though your bum is a private area, you do not want it to be less attractive, full of cellulite. Contact your doctor to know how you can enhance the appearance of your cellulite with QWO.

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