Egg Freezing For Fertility Preservation

Egg Freezing

Some people might think that egg freezing isn’t necessary because other reproductive options are available. Still, if you’re considering being a single woman who wants children in the future, egg freezing is the best way to preserve fertility. 

New York fertility preservation centers can help you with all the information, costs, and additional information about the procedure.

How Egg Freezing Works – The Process

It is essential to get egg-freezing advice from a medical professional. A fertility specialist will collect eggs by using one of two methods. One involves using hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs at once. The other method involves harvesting eggs through a minor surgery that is usually completed within an hour. Once harvested, these eggs are frozen in liquid nitrogen tanks for placement in the uterus when needed.

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Freezing Oocytes

The primary thing you should know is how egg freezing works with oocytes, female eggs. There are many different ways these eggs will be collected and stored. There are pros and cons of each method. Doctors are constantly innovating ways to improve egg freezing, so there are many different techniques that you can choose.

The most common process of egg freezing involves the use of hormones to stimulate multiple eggs at once. The drug Lupron is usually administered for this procedure which stimulates the ovaries to produce more than one egg. These eggs are then harvested through a procedure that is also called “Ovarian Hyperstimulation.” This treatment causes some side effects that include bloating, mood swings, nausea, and abdominal discomfort. Even though it’s not pretty, this is a relatively cheap and straightforward way of saving and freezing oocytes for later use.

The Preparation

The preparation for egg freezing is critical because it involves ensuring everything is in its proper place to make the process run smoothly. There are two ways to start this all off; either through egg retrieval or through egg freezing.

  1. Egg retrieval is done through an outpatient procedure performed at the doctor’s office or the hospital. The patient will need to take ten days off from work after the procedure to recover. A second appointment will have to be scheduled to have your eggs harvested.
  1. Egg freezing is done at a reproductive clinic. The woman will be monitored through ultrasounds and blood tests to determine when the eggs are ready for harvesting. It usually takes a few weeks before a doctor can tell if the egg freezing has been successful or not.

These procedures require women to take hormone pills for several days until the egg retrieval/freezing procedure. These pills help stimulate the ovaries and get them ready for retrieval/freezing day.

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