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Reproductive health is more complicated than you can imagine, especially for women who have experienced it. From the time they receive their first menstrual period all through pregnancy and birth until menopause, special care is appropriate to cater to their health needs at every stage of their lives. Unfortunately, women are prone to health challenges, especially sexual health violations that increase their health risks, even with their higher life expectancy. University Reproductive Associates specialize in offering quality, safe, and effective reproductive and fertility medicine to improve people’s lives. The Hoboken endometriosis specialists dedicate themselves to providing health solutions that better women’s lives.

University Reproductive Associates team comprises board-certified OB/GYN and fertility specialists committed to helping people achieve better health and live happier lives. They listen attentively to all their patients to provide customized treatments to meet their unique needs. They partner with couples and families to help them with fertility issues and happily conceive and enjoy the joy of parenthood. They excel in serving the people and communities around New Jersey with three convenient locations in Hasbrouck Heights, Hoboken, and Wayne. They are highly experienced and offer the latest and advanced technology for effective diagnosis and treatments for infertility, endometrial polyps, uterine fibroids, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

The state of the art facility is the first and only in vitro fertilization center in New Jersey to use the Life Aire Technology air purification system in their lab to increase the successful implantation and pregnancy rates during the procedure. To add to their advanced technology, they use Trophon disinfection technology to ensure all ultrasound probes disinfection for safety purposes. The fertility and reproductive health experts create unique opportunities for their patients to participate in their medical research studies partnered with the New Jersey Medical School. Through these medical collaborations, patients meet the best reproductive medicine specialists for highly effective and safe treatments.

They offer services such as;

Intrauterine insemination

The medical fertility specialists at the University Reproductive Associates understands that getting pregnant is a different experience for every couple. Hence, they offer comprehensive fertility solutions to help you get pregnant, including intrauterine insemination procedures. Visit them today and enjoy their services and professionalism.


Endometriosis affects many women aged 15 to 44, with many of them experiencing infertility. At University Reproductive Associates they offer extensive diagnosis to find the cause of your endometriosis and find the right effective treatments to improve your quality of life.

It’s every couples’ and family’s dreams to conceive and have children after their wedding and in marriage to complete their love and joy. Unfortunately, to many people, it’s an unfulfilled dream due to reproductive health and fertility issues. University Reproductive Associates are committed to helping families live happier lives by providing solutions to their fertility and reproductive health problems. The team of highly experienced and knowledgeable medical fertility specialists value and respect every patient’s unique needs and strive to meet them through customized treatments. They are caring and offer comprehensive and convenient care through their three locations in Hasbrouck Heights, Wayne, and Hoboken, New Jersey, to reach as many patients as possible. Visit them today for friendly and effective care you won’t regret.

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