Does Elmiron lead to retina related vision problems?

vision loss

Elmiron or pentosan polysulfate sodium is a drug prescribed by the doctors in the case of bladder disorders, usually in women. These kinds of bladder disorders are mainly known as interstitial cystitis and this particular medication is frequently used for urinary tract infection. However, sometimes the patients of osteoarthritis also get to consume Elmiron.

Well, Elmiron being the only medication approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to treat bladder, forms a layer on the wall of the bladder and protects it from getting harmed anymore.

Symptoms of consuming Elmiron for a long time:

Researchers have concluded in a study in November 2018 that there must be a relation between Elmiron and vision problems. The American Academy of Ophthalmology found that vision problems can be noticed after long-term exposure to Elmiron.

The researchers observed six patients who were consuming Elmiron for a long time and showed exactly the same symptoms related to vision problems. Moreover, some other cases were also detected after the initial studies regarding such cases were released.

Well, the patients who were involved in the studies showed the following symptoms:

  • Dimming of vision
  • Hypermetropia or near vision difficulty
  • Metamorphopsia
  • Getting difficulty in reading
  • The area of the human eye causing vision loss specifically known as paracentral scotomas
  • Problems adapting to darkness

Well, it is better to consult a suitable lawyer regarding your Elmiron Lawsuit before it’s too late. Furthermore, many more studies have been released after this above-mentioned study. Likewise, in May 2019 research had been done and it has been concluded the potentially avoidable retinal disorder relevant to chronic Elmiron consumption.

The researchers gave the final conclusion saying that this drug consumption actually results in some structural changes in the pigmented layer of the retina of the human eye. However, the confirmation has still not been given that if the consumption of this particular medication is stopped, then it will help the patient to improve or not.

And recently three ophthalmologists reviewed few patients at Kaiser Permanente Northern California and observed that this Elmiron is actually toxic to a particular part of the eye present at the back which is called the retina and it can affect about one-quarter of the patients with a serious issue named macular degeneration. And macular degeneration is basically a disease that impacts macula which is a part of the centre of the retina and is responsible for all kinds of colour vision, central vision, and fine detail.

However, whether it is age-related macular degeneration or some pigmentary maculopathy, it can’t take away the whole vision of the patient but causes extensive vision loss.

These studies regarding the consequences of Elmiron exposure to the vision are recently done and are usually unknown by a lot of doctors. Moreover, the attorneys having expertise in such cases can present your case more efficiently on your behalf and get the maximum compensation for all the pre and post-treatment expenses. And all your lost wages and the difficulties you face due to this negligence of doctors or the manufacturers for not giving the warning regarding the side effects.

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