Dental Injuries treated using Emergency Dentistry

Dental Injurie

You may be involved in an accident while engaging in your daily activities and break or lose your tooth. Do not leave tooth injury unattended because it can worsen. Ensure to visit Dr. Divian Patel for emergency dentistry services to avoid an escalation of the problem.

Emergency dentistry 101

A dental emergency is a procedure offered by professional dentists to treat emergency cases such as tooth loss, or a chipped tooth. It is also used when you have:

  •         Severe toothaches
  •         Damaged fillings
  •         Abscesses
  •         Bleeding
  •         Broken braces
  •         Loose bands

When you accidentally break your tooth or lose your filling, it messes with your general dental appearance. A visit to your dentist at San Ramon Dental Excellence is necessary to salvage the situation.

Upon visitation, your dentist will take a look at your dental problem based on your dental emergency. There are various types of dental emergencies including:

Dental trauma

You can lose your tooth when you fall on a hard surface, causing your enamel to chip or crack. Your dentist will smooth your tooth edges and stabilize the tooth if it is loose. If your dental fracture involves your dentin, your dentist will use a splint to make the fragment stable.

If you have dentures, there are several measures you can put in place to prevent dentures from breaking. They include:

  •         Place a basin of water in the sink to prevent the denture from breaking if it falls in.
  •         Hold the denture firmly.
  •         Avoid using abrasive cleaners because they scratch the denture surface.
  •         Brush lightly to avoid damaging the denture.
  •         Use a piece of cloth to dry the dentures and store them safely during the night.

You will visit your dentist eight weeks after the treatment for radiographic analysis.

Extreme toothache

Sharp pain from your tooth may cause you discomfort. Tooth decay or a cavity is the main cause of toothaches. It is caused when bacteria get through your enamel. To reduce the pain, your dentist will:

  •         Clean your teeth to get rid of the plaque
  •         Use a filling to patch up the cavity
  •         Prescribe antibiotics to clear up any infection and administer pain killers to alleviate the pain


A tooth abscess is formed when the pulp inside your tooth dies. Space formed creates room for pus and bacteria, which causes infection and inflammation. For treatment, your dentist will:

  •         Drain and clean out the abscess
  •         Clean your teeth and gums to prevent re-infection
  •         Prescribe antibiotics to kill bacteria causing the infection
  •         Use an implant if the entire tooth is damaged beyond repair
  •         Suggest a root canal if the abscess is caused by tooth decay

There are measures you can take to prevent tooth injury. For example:

  • Avoid chewing hard candy, ice cubes, and popcorn kernels. Hard foods can crack your teeth and cause dental fracture
  • Always wear a mouthguard when you are taking part in recreational activities and sports
  • Use a pair of scissors and not your teeth to rip or tear things open

Dental emergencies require immediate medical care. Consult your dentist at San Ramon Dental Excellence to repair your tooth injury and improve your dental appearance.

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