Dental Implants Be Rejected?

Dental Implants

When it comes to talk about dental problems people often see the doctor and get medicines. They never try to understand the root cause of it, whether they need dental implant or not. This article will inform you about dental implant and why it is used.

Dental Implants

If you lost your tooth or teeth to an injury, or due to any periodontal disease or any other reason, dental implant is a good option for you. In this process, there is a titanium post which acts as a tooth root and it supports a crown. Now this titanium post is inserted into the jawbone through surgeries and here it fuses into the jawbone to safeguard that it is secured in position.

After the fusion is completely done (3-6 months), an abutment is attached to the post. It projects above the gum line to provide the area were dental crown is fixed. The biggest advantage of dental implant is they are low maintenance. Due to a missing tooth your jawbone is prone to deterioration. Dental implant helps in preventing bone loss. Dental implants give a very natural look and they feel and function like one too. In an implant you don’t need adjacent teeth for support and hence it protects your surrounding teeth and does not put any strain on them.

Dental Implant Failure

The question here arises can dental implants fail or be rejected? Yes. Though there are a lot of advantages, sometimes dental implants fail. No matter how long-lasting or effective your implant was, a little negligence and it fails. What is important to note here is that dental implants do not fail because our body rejects, similar to what happens in organ transplants. It fails due to negligence towards our general health, poor dental hygiene, the surgery itself or post surgery care and precautions.

Implant failures can be divided into two categories, early failure and late/long-term failure. Early failure is a situation where the implant has been placed inside your mouth but it fails to amalgamate (solidly rooted into the bone). Late/ long-term failure describes a situation where an implant has amalgamated solidly, but after sometime there is bone loss around the implant.

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