Birth Control: How It Improves Your Health

Your Health

Contraceptives or birth control pills are safe, convenient, and are simple ways for preventing unwanted pregnancy. The pills are also known to reduce acne and make your periods more regular and lighter. It also eases your menstrual cramps. Schedule regular appointments to get appropriate birth control in San Antonio. As a woman, always remember to follow the instructions on the pills to enjoy maximum protection against unplanned pregnancy.

Take your pill every day and always start the new pack on time, don’t forget to take the pill as it won’t work well. Doctors also recommend that women should use a reminder to ensure they keep track of their birth control pills.

Makes Your Periods Better

As you take your birth control pills, your periods become easier to predict and regular. The hormones present in the pills reduce menstrual cramps and lighten your periods. You can safely skip a period using the birth control pills. This is convenient for women who want to be period free for special occasions.

Makes Your Periods Less Painful

About 31% of women using birth control use them due to menstrual pain. The hormonal birth control pills prevent ovulation which means your uterus doesn’t experience the painful contractions leading to cramps. The pills provide welcome relief from menstrual pain.

Banish Hormonal Acne

Hormonal fluctuations often trigger acne. This is why adolescents experience the worst acne. Minimizing the fluctuations and using birth control methods helps you banish acne. The pills have both progesterone and estrogen combo which is very effective in fighting acne.

Reduces Chances of Uterine Cancer

One of the long-term benefits of birth control is a reduction in the chances of getting uterine cancer. You enjoy the benefits if you take a combination of birth control pills. In fact, you have 50% less likelihood of having uterine cancer. The effects last for at least 20 years after stopping birth control.

Reduces Ovarian Cyst Risk

Ovarian cyst is a prevalent condition that occurs during ovulation. As much as it’s not dangerous, it’s very painful. Women suffering from PCOS have a large number of ovarian cysts in the ovary. The cysts are small fluid-filled sacs. Stopping ovulation by using birth control pills helps stop the cysts from forming. Consequently, contraception stops the cysts from re-growing.

Relieves Symptoms of PMDD and PMS

Most women experience a mix of emotional and physical symptoms in the proceeding days to menstrual periods. This condition is referred to as PMS or premenstrual syndrome. This happens due to hormonal fluctuations. Contraception is a potential remedy. Severe cases of PMS involve psychological and emotional symptoms which are hard to treat. However, a combination of contraception with Ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone treats PMDD. Remember different contraception methods have different hormone combinations and doses.

Helps in Managing Endometriosis

Endometriosis is painful and involves the uterine tissue lining. Your tissue bleeds during menstruation and the blood is unable to get out causing inflammation and pain. Contraception helps you skip menstruation and manage endometriosis conditions.

Controls Menstrual Migraines

75% of women experience migraines due to hormonal changes. The migraines are strongly linked to the progesterone and estrogen drop before commencing your periods. However, using contraception enables you to avoid this drop by skipping your periods.

It’s good to go for regular checkups and to see a fertility doctor or gynecologist for assistance with the right contraception that will bring you the mentioned health benefits above. It depends on your condition and what you want treated or controlled due to menstruation.

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