Belviq Lawsuit: All you need to know

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A drug gains a lot of popularity in the US market because of its ability to help you lose weight. The name of the medication is Belviq. Though this medicine was approved by the FDA in 2012, many claim that it has deadly side effects. This supplement helps you losing weight because it reduces your hunger level.

Recommendations made by the FDA in the concern

Currently, the FDA has come up with a recall statement against this prescribed drug. FDA has stated the recall especially for the healthcare experts and medical professionals who are describing the medicine to the patients for weight loss. FDA has clearly mentioned in the statement that this drug should not be given to overweight adults. Also, they have asked the healthcare experts and doctors to contact the patient who has been recommended this medicine and ask them to discontinue using this medicine. The statement further says doctors must come up with a safer solution and help the patient suffering from overweight issues.

Need to Consult a lawsuit

There are several patients who are taking this drug continuously. It has been found that many such patients have developed the risk of cancer and some other health hazards disease. Such patients can always look for the option of Belviq Lawsuit.

If you have used this drug only after the prescription of the doctor and you are facing problems like lung cancer or pancreatic cancer, you have a right to get compensation for the damage.

Here is a list of certain damages you can paste because of this drug.

  • Losing the ability to earn
  • Loss in earning wages
  • Highly expensive medical treatment
  • Severe pain because of the side effects
  • Mental, emotional, and physical suffering because of cancer or its cumbersome treatment.

Therefore, the most important thing is to file a lawsuit. In this, you have to hire a lawyer who will help you getting compensation for your losses. Your lawyer will find out all the evidence which will help him prove that the cause of your cancer is the prescribed drug. So, it is highly essential to hire a well-experienced lawyer.

Why it is important to hire a lawyer?

In case you are diagnosed with cancer because of Belviq, you must be going through a tough time. You must be facing deterioration in health as well as your earnings. Therefore, you can claim in such a condition and ask for compensation for all your sufferings.

You can get help from the Belviq lawsuit only. Only the lawyer you will hire will help you win the case. If you or your loved one is going through such a difficult phase, you should contact a lawyer and proceed with your case.

Help the lawyer will offer:

  • He will find the person who is liable for your present condition.
  • He will fight for your right and help you get the compensation amount you deserve.
  • Help you cover all the damages that occurred because of your condition.
  • Assist you in collecting all the claiming records like medical bills.

Make sure you hire the lawyer only on the basis of his experience and expertise.

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