Advantages and disadvantages of partial dentures

Advantages and disadvantages of partial dentures

Perfect teeth make you happy and you can smile confidently. Dentists help you to acquire a balanced set of teeth. When you lose one or two teeth, you need artificial dentures to fill the space between your teeth.

Dentures are false teeth made of acrylic and metal. They can be fitted easily into the mouth without any surgery. Mostly they are used to replace one or more than one tooth. That is why it is called partial teeth. They are easily removable and you do not need a dentist’s help.

Partial dentures are more economical and affordable for you. They do not need a long procedure to be made and can be fitted on the same day by local dentists. They do not need any surgery, so patient can continue his or her everyday routine. They give you no pain or swelling during and after the fitting.

Partial dentures are easily removable for easy brushing and during the night also. They have a good impact aesthetically on your face. As the base of the denture is mostly gum colored or pink, it does not become very obvious when mouth is opened.

Partial dentures do not cause any damage to your adjacent teeth because they do not need support of any tooth, just a wire is enough.

Partial or removable teeth have their disadvantages also. Because they are not natural teeth, you need some time to get used to wearing them. It is uncomfortable to wear them as they are bit larger than the natural teeth.

Sometimes they affect your speech and function during eating because they cover the roof of the mouth. They affect the taste buds on the roof of your mouth, which reduces your ability to taste food. You can get mouth infections by using partial dentures.

Partial dentures need to be replaced after sometime because the bone gets shrunk after some period of time. In some cases, they become lose so you need to visit the local dentist from time to time to get them tightened by clips.

It is not recommendable to use the partial dentures for longer period of time. Proper care should be taken to keep them in good shape and longer usage. Do not let them dry out in air. Always place them in glass with denture cleanser soaking solution or plain water is enough. Brush them regularly like your natural teeth to remove plaque and food. Remove them from your mouth to clean them and also the roof of your mouth to avoid stain build-up. Take care to avoid any damage done to your dentures. But if it happens, always consult local dentists immediately; or it can give you mouth ulcer or can cause any other complication inside your mouth.

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