ADHD – A mental Disorder


Every individual at some point of time or another expects attention. If in case, she/he does not receive it, some are able to accept it; however, some are very badly affected by it and they start craving for attention. This is especially noticed in small children, but that does not mean that the adults do not have such feelings, they too may harbour such feelings.

It is this want that sometimes causes individuals to go into depression and get drowned in all sorts of negative thoughts. This is what leads to the medical mental condition called the ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Though this is related to the brain, primarily, yet when the problem begins to get control of the person concerned the other parts of the body too, get affected. But, the sad part is that there exist a lot of myths related to this mental disorder.

This is why it is always important to consult the professionals of the field, whenever any doubt might arise among those witnessing the one affected. Jonathan Lauter is a psychiatrist most well known for his treatments of mental disorders and being a specialist of child psychiatry. He has gathered more than 30 years of experience and knows the fact very well that all patients of mental disabilities need to be treated with a lot of care and love. It is exactly this that he teaches his students of psychiatry as well.

The most common misconceived notion of this ADHD is that all those who are ADHD patients are lazy by nature, and do not have strong will power. But that is absolutely wrong, because this is a neuron behavioral developmental disorder; more precisely a malfunctioning in the neuron transmitters of the brain. The various systems of the brain failed to get managed by the faulty working of the brain.

Contrary to the common belief, it is not just the male sex that is affected by this disorder of the mind. It can occur in either sex, irrespective of age as well. It has been found that among those diagnosed with this medical condition, about 70% of them carry this through to their adolescence and some even after that.

The treatment of this and all other mental disorders is not just carried out on the patient. The more adversely affected are those who are in immediate proximity of him/her. Very commonly it is noticed that parents start blaming themselves for the helpless condition of their children. This again is highly detrimental to the process of treatment and recovery. Once the parents or guardians start feeling responsible and guilty for putting their children to this difficult situation, the healing or recovery process takes much more time, because all these patients need a lot of encouragement and support to come out of it.

Hence, you see it is not an easy task for the guardians to be able to find out ways and means to help them come out of it. It is thus that ace psychiatrists like Jonathan Lauter should be consulted, so that you are able to know the disorder with complete transparency before even attempting the healing process.

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