Achieve Your Desired Look with the Top Leading Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon in California

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Over the years, many individuals have come to acknowledge the use of plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes. The science behind plastic surgery techniques has also improved in its efficiency, quality, and safety. The procedures are for decorative purposes and solutions to injuries, burns, and certain health conditions. Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center is committed to providing quality and extensive services to improve people’s lives. Dr. Gordon H. Sasaki, a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon in Pasadena, is passionate about his work and leads the practice in offering the best care available. Visit the facility today for services with a difference.

Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center provides you with the most comfortable and compassionate care to meet your desired needs. The practice understands that every person is different and uses personalized treatments to address your specific goals. Dr. Sasaki focuses on delivering excellent results using the most innovative techniques. If you feel unhappy with your appearance and wish to change that, Dr. Sasaki has got you covered, call or book online today to schedule your appointment.

What is a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon?

A cosmetic plastic surgeon is a physician who performs various plastic surgery procedures for aesthetic purposes, such as changing appearance or fighting signs of aging. The techniques may be surgical or nonsurgical.

Gordon Sasaki, MD, is a highly-skilled plastic surgeon at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center and takes pride in serving California communities with excellent care. He values the needs of his patient and aims to make their lives better by delivering outstanding results.

Dr. Sasaki began his career journey by receiving an undergraduate degree from Pomona College and later achieved a medical degree from Yale University. He then accomplished his training and fellowships in surgical oncology and breast cancer at the University of Oregon. Dr. Sasaki also offered his assistance as an anesthesiologist during military service in Vietnam.

Dr. Sasaki is a highly experienced and trained plastic surgeon. He serves on various plastic surgeon boards and as an educator. He excels in his work, where he has many awards, ranking him as the top leading plastic surgeon in California.

What Procedures Does a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Perform?

A cosmetic plastic surgeon qualifies to carry out various services and techniques, both surgical and nonsurgical. At Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center, Dr. Sasaki uses advanced and modern technology to offer the most unique and quality standard services. With over three decades of experience, he provides the most excellent care that caters to all patients’ needs. He offers comprehensive care for:

  •       Breast augmentation
  •       Tummy tuck
  •       Liposuction
  •       Hair stimulation
  •       Sclerotherapy
  •       Microneedling
  •       Neck lift
  •       Facelift

The highly qualified cosmetic plastic surgeon ensures every patient receives their best experience with excellent results, in a quiet and peaceful environment. During the consultation, Dr. Sasaki listens carefully to your goals and anticipations and strives to fulfill that. He also prepares the patient on what to expect during and after the procedure. A cosmetic plastic surgeon helps you live your best life by providing services to improve or change your look into your desired way. Visit Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center for quality services with excellent outcomes.

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