A Guide to Dermal Filler Treatment in Oxford

A Guide to Dermal Filler Treatment in

Dermal fillers, or soft-tissue fillers, are used in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. The ‘filler’ is injected into the skin in appropriate areas around the face and neck. Dermal fillers are effective in temporarily hydrating the skin with the overall result of smoother appearance and less prominent wrinkles.

The results may not be hugely dramatic however the treated skin certainly does have a more youthful radiance.

The effect can last for up to 18 months, depending upon skin condition and the precise type of dermal filler treatment in Oxford. Therefore, return visits are necessary, at some time, in order to sustain that rejuvenating glow.

  • How are dermal fillers administered?

Admittedly, dermal fill procedures are slightly more intrusive than most non-surgical treatments as the do involve a series of light and fluffy injections around the target area.

Only those of us with an absolute needle phobia would be anxious. The procedure is tolerable and, to most ‘normals’, virtually painless.

As with any procedure of this kind, always use a licenced professional practitioner or clinic!

  • What degree of change in appearance can I expect?

As I’ve said, don’t expect a dramatic change. However you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the outcome. The procedure can, upon your request, be used to ‘plump’ lips and subtly alter the general profile and contours of your nose and mouth.

And, of course, all those tell-tell give-away wrinkles, around the eyes especially, can be toned down. Indeed all facial and neck wrinkles can be treated.

An experienced practitioner will advise and clearly outline what can and cannot be achieved.

Be realistic, and don’t expect to end up looking like Brad Pitt, especially if you’re female, or thereabouts!

  • How do I identify the best clinic?

No matter where you live there’s a simple criteria for determining the credentials of any non-surgical cosmetic practitioners. They are:

  1. Are they licenced to practice?
  2. Are they highly recommended by satisfied clients?
  3. Upon initial enquiry, is their response helpful, informative and polite?
  4. Do they offer a no fee consultation?

OK, this may not be a definitive list, however a lot can be gleaned from your first contact. So, don’t be shy, search the web and contact one or two clinics, ask pertinent questions and don’t make any rash decisions!

  • Where do I find the best dermal filler treatment in Oxford?

Well, that’s a no-brainer; you lucky Oxfordians (it was just a guess) have an award winning non-surgical cosmetic clinic on your doorstep.

And that’s the Lumière MediSpa Clinic. A nurse-led and renowned clinic of excellence!

The clinic has a calm, friendly and reassuring atmosphere; you will be treated with courtesy and consulted wisely. This is a business built upon strong ethical values, you are guaranteed to get the best advice.

If any treatment is not deemed to be appropriate in your case then you will be told so!

Isn’t that refreshing!

Should you have any skin issuse then give Lumière MediSpa a call or use their online contact form. Just follow the link below for further information.

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