5 Reasons To Join A Gym This Summer


Summer is here and with brighter, longer days as well as the warmer weather to enjoy, this is a great time to consider joining the gym.

The longer evenings are a big draw meaning that you have more time to devote to exercising which can perhaps be more difficult to fit into your daily routine during the winter months.

Whilst the warmer weather motivates us to want to spend more time outdoors, the fantastic facilities including gym equipment and classes can make securing a gym membership a worthwhile decision.

There are plenty of reasons why people might choose to go to the gym, but whatever your justification is, there is no denying the health benefits which come from working out, which if nothing else, helps to make you feel amazing.

Therefore, if you’re contemplating whether or not to join the gym this summer then these five reasons might just convince you!

1.Burn off the summer treats

Ice creams, ice lollies, fruit juices and cocktails are just some of the favourite treats we can expect to enjoy throughout the summer months, and so you should!

Not only this but going abroad and sampling the local delicacies shouldn’t be something which you have to avoid when enjoying your holiday. To compensate for summer indulgences, hitting the gym is the perfect way to keep in shape as suggested by Her Campus’ blog discussing why heading to the gym in summer is a great idea.

2.Time is no longer an excuse

The brighter evenings can be one of the nicest things about summer. They instantly make the day feel longer, and ending work at 5pm suddenly doesn’t seem so bad when you’ve still got a few hours of sunshine to enjoy.

In winter, it’s easy to want to get in from work and cuddle up on the sofa with your pyjamas on, but when it gets to summer, this is something which we can feel much guiltier about doing.

Therefore, try seizing the day and use the lighter evenings to your advantage. As soon as you finish work, head to the gym for a quick session and you’ll be surprised as to how good it feels, particularly if you’ve been in the office all day. You’ll then have the rest of the evening to enjoy knowing that you’ve been productive.

3. Holiday prep

Going on holiday can also be a big motivation for joining the gym so that we look and feel our best. Even if you aren’t jetting off abroad somewhere sunny, the summer months generally means that we bring out our summer wardrobes and expose ourselves to the sunlight.

Whilst we aren’t saying that achieving the ultimate beach body ought to be a priority, all the same, it’s still nice to feel comfortable and confident and enjoy wearing your summer garments!

4. Shield from the weather and have better access to facilities

Although it’s typically British to complain about the weather, whether it’s rain or sunshine, the weather can often be a big hindrance in preventing outdoor exercise.

Exercising in the heat, although might appear blissful in winter, isn’t actually much fun when it comes to it in summer, therefore by opting for a gym membership, you not only have the assurance that the weather won’t affect your progress, but you will also have better access to a variety of facilities.

The Shrewsbury Club’s state-of-the-art gymnasium with an excellent range of gym equipment, professionally qualified Fitness Instructors, as well as the option to participate in group exercise classes, means that you have access to a range of facilities no matter your preferred method of exercising.

5. Socialise with friends

Going to the gym really doesn’t have to be a gruelling task and can be quite fun going with friends!

Not only can your fellow gym buddies be a great company to exercise with, but by motivating each other and setting goals, you might be even more productive during the sessions which you might not necessarily achieve on your own!

As you can see, there are a number of different reasons but also benefits to going to the gym this summer. If nothing else, the opportunity to let off some steam and undertake a different sort of an activity especially after a long day at work, is a great way of helping to make you feel energised and active this summer.

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