4 Reasons Why Turkey is the Number One Hair Transplant Destination

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Like every other industry, the hair transplant business has seen many developments over the past two decades, with new and innovative technology that gives optimum results and practically no downtime. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is the preferred technique for the best surgeons, and this allows the hair follicles to be angled to perfectly match the surrounding hair, and if you are thinking of having the treatment, here are a few good reasons why Turkey is the ideal destination.

  1. The Best Surgeons – Turkey has long been the hub for hair transplant surgery, and the best facilities are in the pleasant Istanbul suburbs, and like Prague is the place to go for a nose job, Istanbul is the home of the very best clinics, and at prices that are far lower than that in Europe or the US, the client gets the best at affordable prices. One attraction for the leading hair transplant surgeons, is being able to work in state of the art facilities that only Turkey can offer, and there are many established clinics where you can book online.
  2. Unbeatable Prices – Turkey is a developing country, which means the cost of living is much lower that of a developed country, such as the UK, and this affects every aspect of a society. Cheaper land prices and affordable rents, coupled with low salaries, add up to an affordable package for the western client, and if you would like to check out just how affordable hair transplant in Turkey is, an online search will bring up a long list of hair transplant clinics, and after some browsing, you should have 3 or 4 provisional quotes to compare.
  3. Combined Holiday – One of the big pluses with Turkey as a hair transplant destination, is the ability to combine a memorable holiday with the surgery, and there’s no better place to relax and soak up some sun than the stunning landscapes in this vibrant culture. If you booked a hair transplant in Turkey, and took a 10-day holiday as well, the total cost would likely still be lower than the operation would cost at home, and once you are back home after your relaxing break, you can look forward to a life without hair loss.
  4. Word of Mouth Recommendations – Almost everyone is very happy with their treatment results, and of course, they would certainly recommend the clinic to any of their friends who also suffered from premature baldness, and this forms the basis of a large percentage of patients. There are, of course, people who search the Internet, and there is plenty of content that points to Turkey as the best hair transplant destination, and with the very best surgeons and facilities, your hair loss will soon be a thing of the past.

When looking at clinics, it is a good idea to read the testimonials written by satisfied patients, and with high resolution before and after images, you can see for yourself the results. Once you have booked your treatment, you can enjoy reading about the wonderful country you will soon be visiting, and taking the opportunity for some sightseeing, a memorable holiday awaits.

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